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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Christmas & New Year Schedule:

December 25-Jan. 01 -CLOSED


Welcome to
Sun's Recycling Center

From time to time, we feel the need to create new natural resources to compensate for deteriorated ones.  It is difficult to explain this spasm of intellectual righteousness.

We cannot explain our guilt towards Mother Nature or take responsibility for our mistakes.  We do not know where to begin to analyze the situation.  Even political officials do not have a straight forward answer to this problem.  Yet, somehow, we feel that action is imminent and necessary.   

Recycling is one of the most popular ways to help compensating our depleted resources.  It is safe and easy.  Most importantly, recyclable materials can be made into new products.

Through recycling, we can reduce the speed of planet deterioration by putting a percentage of we used back to its original state. That is, when we turn in the recyclable materials, manufacturers can use the recyclable materials to make new products.

Recycling is not the only way to help reduce natural resource depletion.  It is just the simplest way. Although recycling cannot reproduce everything that was lost, we can depend on it to prolong the existence of a dying one.

We, at “Sun’s  Recycling Center”, would like you to join us and put a strong effort into recycling.  We accept carpet padding (rebond), Ferrous/Non Ferrous Scraps Metal, CRV Cans, Plastic Bottles and E-waste products, TVs, monitors, computer towers.


Get cash for CRV material: CVR alulminum cans, CRV plastic bottles, CRV glass.

Rebond Padding.JPG
Electronic waste

We pay for CRV (Aluminum Cans, Glass, Plastics), Non Ferrous Scraps (aluminum Extrusion, Copper, Brass, Radiators, Insulated Copper Wire, Lead, and Stainless Steel).

We accept used Carpet Padding, Cushion Foam, Cardboard, Appliance and Scrap of Metal.

We also accept Television, Monitors (CRT), Computers (CPUs), Laptops, Flat Screen TV's, Cell Phone, Cores, Cable Wiring, and Computer Parts, PC Boards.

* All Plastics bottles (CRV) require caps off
* All (CRV) materials must be sorted before arrived to our center.

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